Wealth Creation Ideas : KRBL Ltd.

When the world thinks of Basmati, it thinks of India and India Gate Basmati rice. KRBL is world’s largest basmati rice exporter.It export rice to all major countries of Asia, Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada and Africa. KRBL today stands at the top slot of the Indian rice industry, unmatched and unparalleled in every aspect.

Key Facts:

  • In last 10 year company’s compound annual profit growth is 24.72%.
  • 1,60,000 acres land under Contact Farming. Plan to increased it to 2,50,000 acres.
  •  Capacity to store 6,00,000 MT in warehousing with over 5million sq.feet equipped with comprehensive systems that ensure maximum protection from ground, moisture, humidity, bird droppings, rodents and infestation through micro-organisms and insects.
  • Produce Value added by product like Edible oil, Fuel Additive, Cattle Feed.
  • Organic basmati rice farming is spread in an area of about 5000 Acres with dedicated 800 farmer families.

Stock Outlook:

  • M-cap:  INR 14527 cr
  • CMP:  617 INR (19th Nov 2017)
  • EPS: 17.04 INR
  • PE: 36.8
  • Book Value: 81 INR
  • Promoter Share holding is 58.8%.


  • R & D advantage – creator of 1121 variety of Rice.
  • Exports to 73 Countries
  • 25% share in the Branded Basmati Rice sale in exports market and 30% share in the Branded Basmati Rice sale in domestic market.
  • Anil Kumar Mittal MD of KRBL has Over 43 years of experience in the Rice industry.
  • From Current level this stock can generate multibagger returns for next 5-8 year investment.

Be Smart. Invest Smartly.

Disclaimer : Please take advice of your financial advisor before any investment.

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