Stock Investment: You can also do it.


When it comes to investment in stocks, most people say it’s risky; they don’t know anything about it. Some people say only expert can do this. So here let me give you some of my stock which you also know but as brand. You might daily come across it. But never think about know about it. I did.


Below are few of my favorite stocks which made big in last four years.

Date of Purchased Age Price of Purchased Current Price


% Upside till date

(Dividend not considered)

KRBL 15/04/2014 72.5 400.75 452
YES BANK 05/08/2013 295 1507.9 411
Eveready 05/03/2013 34 246 625
Kwality 02/06/2015 48.5 159.75 229
J K Cement 27/09/2013 185 891.85 382

I have only listed stocks which are much known to all.

KRBL , never heard ? India gate Basmati Rice. Company is manufacture of it. This info was enough for me to look into stock. Little analysis and I not waited to invest in it.

YES BANK, private sector bank. When other bank are struggling with NPA,  this bank nailed it.

Eveready, the pencil cell we all know. This was my very first finding. And it was trading at throwaway price. I regret that brought little quantity as I was new in market that time.

Kwality, ice cream. You must have once in life has this ice cream. So why not stock?

 J.K cement, the Pioneering Cement Company in India. This stock has still much to deliver.

So now before thinking that stock market is very complicated, just look around you. PPF, Bank FD, Insurance Policy cannot generate such a return in your life time.


Be Smart. Invest Smartly.


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  1. Thank you and yes makes logical sense

    For an absolute novice these names are very familiar

    Best time to buy when markets are at slightly lower prices right?

    1. There is no best time then this. Who know which is bottom and which is top point for market? Currently market is 2 year high , in next week it might go further. You need to understand that no expert can time the market. That’s why we have SIP.

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