Royal Enfield: On Road and On Paper


If you had spent INR 55000 to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle in 2001.You would now have an old, rugged bike.
But if you had invested the same INR 55000 in shares (INR 18 on Sep 2001 ) of Eicher Motors  your investment would be worth INR 7.88 crore now.
With Rs 55000 you could buy 3055 shares of Eicher motors (Company that make Enfield Bikes).
Current rate as of on 07-Oct-16 of One Eicher motor share is around INR 25820.
So 25820*3055 =7.88 cr. Apart from this you also have received dividend of around 8.8 lakhs in same time period.  In 15 year your money  grew 1434 time. Same period of locking is there in PPF account.  Key of investment is where you are investing and how long you are investing.

“Your today’s decision will be your tomorrow’s Fortune.”

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