QNET: What actually they are selling?

QNet Ltd, or known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by the QI Group.

Vihaan is the franchisee handling the India operations of QNET, the controversial marketing scheme that allegedly offers individuals an opportunity to make INR 4-5 crore through direct selling with an investment of less than INR 2 lakh. One of my friend told so not mentioning the name of company.

I have personally attended the session on this scheme. One of my friends invited me to meet his so call senior. They explain me that they are doing e commerce business and I need to invest 3 to 10 lakhs INR to get into. But I am the stock investor, I don’t even buy share of 10 INR without looking into company balance sheet and here they are asking me to give 3 lakh and not even telling me the name of Company. I must said they are either over confidence or foolish.

Next thing I asked what product they are selling ? Same answer pay first then we can disclose information. Crazy thought come in my mind at that time like broker call and ask to buy share which will give 100 time return in 5 year but condition is that he will tell name of share only after I invest in that. I would tell such a broker “F**K Off” .Same I told them also in polite way.

Now basic question for investor should be what is ONET actually selling that turn 2 lakh into 4 cr?

Dreams, yes as per my understanding if you join then your main product to sell is your dream of making 4 cr to other. If you make it you are closer to your dream and other side of person pay for it and then he will be trained to sell his dream along with your also. Only few can achieve their dream rest all pay for it.Those who are sitting on top of the pyramid make the most money while 95–99% of members fail.

If someone come to you and show such a dream ask first whose Dream it is?  Do ask follow questions before joining any such a MLM Company:

  • Products usefulness  , as products is the key of any company
  • Company’s CEO or MD names
  • Ask Representative to show his last paycheck , I did asked Form 16.
  • Business Model
  • Vision & Mission of Company

If non such a details are shared then you need to RUN!!!

Remember , Hard Work  is only key to be successful.  There are no Free Money.

Be Smart. Invest Smartly.

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