Multibagger NBFC Stock: HB Stockholdings Ltd

HB Stockholdings Limited was initially incorporated under the name of HB Portfolio Leasing Limited on 30th July 1985.Later business demerger: Real Estate Division to HB Estate Developers Limited and the Merchant and Investment Banking Division to HB Portfolio Limited.And  HB Stockholdings carries on the activities of investment in securities. Company’s current investment in security valued more then its m-cap.

Key Facts:

  • Currently company’s total Security Investment value is  more then INR 140 cr.
  • Company’s biggest long term holding is DCM SHRIRAM INDUSTRIES LIMITED.
  • It hold 3894846 share of DCM, which is 22% shareholding of DCM.
  • DCM last traded price is 300INR which makes total investment value of ~ INR 116cr.
  • Apart from this there are many other Security and MF which company currently hold.
  • Dividend Income of FY 17 stood at 2.84 Cr vs 44 lac last year.
  • Company is virtually debt free.
  • EPS jumped to 4.36 in FY17 from 0.36 in FY16.
  • Stock is trading at 0.83 times its book value.
  • FY17 Reserves 12233.57 Lakhs vs 11171 lakhs last year.
  • Mr. Lalit Bhasin, Director (Chairman) is an expert in investments and Capital Market by virtue of more than two decades of association with the Securities Market.

Stock Outlook:

  • M-cap: INR 130.68 cr
  • CMP: 53.7 INR (20 th Dec 2017)
  • PE: 12.1
  • EPS: 4.46 INR
  • Book Value: 61.51 INR
  • Share capital :24.34 cr of FV 10.
  • Promoter Share holding :53.22 %


  • With Indian market is performing well company’s investment value also going to increase.
  • DCM Shriram Industries Ltd is consistent dividend paying company with last dividend declared was INR 6.5, which create 2.5 cr Income for company.
  • Company is currently invested in Good quality of Security , which likely to outperform. You can find all list of Security in Annual Report of company.
  •  In next 1-2 year this stock can deliver 3x-4x return.

Be Smart. Invest Smartly.

Disclaimer : Please take advice of your financial advisor before any investment.

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