Hidden Gems : Pokarna Ltd

Pokarna Limited was founded in the year 1991.Today, a well reputed name in the granite industry, and largest exporter of finished granite in India and one of the largest in Asia with exports to over 12 countries globally across.The company has also diversified into apparel wear recently with Brand ‘Stanza’.

Key Facts:

  • 4 Manufacturing / processing facilities: Two for Granite, one for Quartz and one for Apparel.
  • 1st Bretonstone rank in the world for technological excellence in stone processing industry.
  • 64+ Portfolio of Quartz designs to serve a wide variety of customers.
  • Partnership with IKEA to serve as exclusive quartz supply and installation partner.
  • 17 owned granite quarries across Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
  • Pokarna is the largest exporter of Quartz(gemstone, more durable then Granite) Surfaces from India.
  • 58 % revenue from Quartz in total revenue.

Stock Outlook:

  • M-cap: INR 635 cr
  • CMP: 204 INR (14th Dec 2017)
  • PE: 12.3
  • EPS:16.5 INR
  • Book Value: 52 INR
  • Share capital is 6.2 cr of FV 2.
  • Promoter Share holding is 56.67 %

Future Outlook:

  • Company secured exclusive rights to use the Bretonstone technology in India till March  2020
  • Pokarna have been at the forefront of the natural stone manufacturing in India for more than 25 years and are well-placed to maintain leadership as industry evolves.
  • In Next 3-5 years Pokaran can deliver 3x-4x returns.

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