Blue Bird :Portfolio 3


Our last two folio mainly focus on high return-high risk. But not all investor afford such a risk. So here we bring top class –low risk stock. These stocks are known as big B of Indian markets. These companies are two big to fall. They are favorite of Mutual Funds. So let’s filter out our best 5 bet of tomorrow.


Blue-Bird Folio Sun Pharma Tata Motors Asian Paint Yes Bank Ambuja Cement
Current Price INR(10th Feb, BSE) 683 468.95 1029.90 1480.30 228.90
P/E 20.06 18.96 50.14 20.13 40.51
Industries P/E 27.36 105.92 48.40 23.95 50.06
Dividend Yield 0.57 0.11 0.73 0.68 1.22
EPS 34.07 24.73 20.54 73.6 5.65
BV 130.89 237.83 58.44 325.5 57.81
Folio Allocation 10 30 10 30 20


So , this are our top 5 bet. Also Reliance Industries, Infosys , Bank of Baroda are few other which we count but not included here. If investors wish more diversification then can go for this stocks also.

For Defensive Investor we follow Graham’s Approach from The Intelligent Investor, which state below criteria for Stock selection:

  1. Adequate size of the Enterprise
  2. A Sufficient Strong Financial Condition
  3. Earning Stability
  4. Dividend Record
  5. Earning Growth
  6. Moderate P/E
  7. Moderate Price to Assets ratio

To know more about different strategies of Investment get your copy of The Intelligent Investor. Click here to get book from Amazon. Its biggest Investment your might made today.

Now, let discuses on our stock selection. Sun Pharma, giant of Pharmacy has corrected a lot. From here we don’t see much down side. From here we expect 12-18 upside in sun in 12 month.  Tata Motors recently announced collaboration with Volkswagen for sharing vehicle development technology and next gene mobility solution which is big deployment for future growth prospective for both.

As election is over and big win of BJP in UP, make Central Government strong. Now Central Government focus will to fulfill promises they made : Housing for all, GST, Infra etc. This all are big positive for our list of companies. Also with this win, FII who are in wait and watch mode for past few month will gain confident in India’s growth story. So we expect FII inflow for next 6 months if global condition remains stable. With this we our Blue Bird Folio can easily delivered 15-25 return for next 3 years.

Be Smart. Invest Smarty.


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