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Hello Reader,

I am Keval Jethi, living in Gandhinagar-Gujarat. As a  IT Engineer in TCS. I started investment 4 year ago and then after never look back. In last 4 year I never done any day trading and also not advice any one to do so. I learn own my own by reading news, books, journals etc. Main idea of my investment is to stick to the basic. Keep the thing simple. Look around and you will find products which you use daily then why do not you try to get ownership of same by buying share. I have account in Axis Bank, also I know it is good bank so I brought share of Axis Bank also. Same why I  try to find out my stock picks.

Year ago I thought to share my experience and Idea with other and started this website InvestorCorner.in . I am writing this just for knowledge sharing. There is no intention of promoting any share or making profit. Please do not Invest in Stock without proper guidance.

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